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Louise (FFS..)Plasma Rifle (Halo)Chicken EnchiladasNot bad, I fancy my chances 

Louise (FFS..)

Plasma Rifle (Halo)

Chicken Enchiladas

Not bad, I fancy my chances 

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    I’ve got amaranthinecanicular, a Typhlosion, and a lifetime supply of sandwiches. We’re gonna survive.
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    valkyries-bane, the sword that the character in my phone app game uses (with all the spell cards maybe?), and pizza and...
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    Sara-chan!!! Um i have… Magic powers? And i have unlimitrd orange cream popsicles that shall never melt UuU
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    einz-time, a portal gun, and a fucking lifetime supply of tootsie roll pops oh goody so long as we find some other food,...
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    My girlfriend who lives super far away x~x. Um, monk / white mage abilities in Bravely default. (Hell yes Brave and...
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    Rio, a semi-automatic shotgun, and spicy chicken salad with water. I think now we’re more than okay.
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    We have Cat-chan, the shovel, and chicken and salad….we’re okay
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    My sister, the aspiring pharmacist… who loves cutting things open. Limitless magic(Literally, look up...
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    Whoo I got Bri with me so that’s good for my chances and I was playing Battlefield 2 days ago…So of course, I’d have…...
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    My bf, a sword from Minecraft and fishsticks o.o this will be great… ;-;
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    My mom, a sword, and green beans. The apocalypse is going to suck.
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    My girlfriend, a Fusion Rifle, and rotisserie chicken.
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    Let’s see, I played Destiny last night, so pulse rifle, and texted my sex buddy, so I’m good there, and well, protein...
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    I survive with Daniel. Score, good with guns and machetes. I’ll be using a ray gun from COD, sweet. We will be surviving...
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    Haley, a lightsaber (the old republic bitchesssss), and double cheese burgers and water. I think i got this.
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    My best friend Kitty, fucking level 100 Lucario and ramen with eggs, cheese and hotdogs mixed in. I think I’m good,...
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    Lemme bring my handgun and lifetime supply of toast and tea, brother dearest.
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    So the bestie is the one I survive w/, I use a war axe and I get a lifetime supply of some damn good chicken sandwiches....
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    I have my friend chvisarclight, a Delephox, pocky,fried spaghetti,coke,buttered sourdough bread and babinka ( Filipino...
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